Well, cancel that.

It seems Heavenly Footman has already been paraphrased, by Gary J Hall in 2001. He’s kindly posted his work for everyone to read here – thanks Gary!

So … I’ve started on The Two Covenants, also known as The Doctrine of the Law and Grace Unfolded. I can’t find any mention of a paraphrase of this work on Google – if anyone knows of one that’s freely available please let me know!

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I hope & pray that Grace Abounding is discovered by people who, like me, will be blessed by reading it.  Bunyan’s teaching is so authoritative, so urgent and compelling.  By comparison much of what is preached in so many churches today is weak, timid, and compromised.  Its like we in the western world are going through a drought of hearing God’s word.  Why is it like this?

Anyway, I’ve started on another book (Bunyan wrote so many, I could be doing this for years!) – this time its “The Heavenly Footman”.  Very confronting, a real wake-up call.  Its shorter than Abounding, but I’m making my way into it slowly as its quite difficult to “translate”.  How many variations on “sloth” and “sluggard” can you think of?  Anyway, more soon…

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Grace Abounding – first draft

Here’s my initial draft of Grace Abounding in PDF format.

Grace Abounding (1 Sep 2009).pdf

I’ve tried hard to stay true to his intended meaning while making the wording as clear as possible – I hope I’ve succeeded. Comments & suggestions most welcome.

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